Est. $700-$900
Sold: $540 ($450)

Of red clay, trailed and dotted on one side with two flower stems centering two applied florettes, and trailed on two sides in a pattern of dots and leaves, and applied with florettes, roundels and a partial plaque, two roundels inscribed with the initials “HT,” three double handles with portions missing. Height 5 ½ inches.The second letter in the initials appears to be a letter “T;” however, it is possible it is a poorly defined letter “I,” perhaps “HI” for Henry Ifield.

Literature: Three similar Wrotham ware tygs (including an Ifield example) and a puzzle jug are discussed and illustrated in Leslie B. Grigsby, Michael Archer, Margaret Macfarlane and Jonathan Horne (et. al.), “The Longridge Collection of English Slipware and Delftware,” vol. 1, pp. 113-116, nos. S49-S52.

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