The Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Blum Personal Collections

Saturday, August 15 following the Blum Collection
Treadwell Mansion, 93 Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

A5284-87Bs this is being written, Selma is looking forward to spending her 90’s living near family in the South, surrounded by those whose greatest wish is to see her happy, healthy, and protected. Sadly, Selma’s beloved Jerry passed in 1998. After Jerry’s death, Selma continued to live in their Connecticut home and continued to run their antiques business, until her move this May.

So many of us have been touched by the pair. The stories are legion; some funny, some sad, some downright hilarious, some informative, some inspiring. We’ve all- clients, peers, family and friends- learned something from them, two people who shared their knowledge and their lives generously with everyone they knew.

Jerry loved to help up and coming dealers. He would enter a booth and “tear your heart out” over condition and price, though usually he would buy. It was fun; it was sport, but it was also a lesson in the object and the art of the deal. Jerry had a great eye. He had an innate ability to walk around a show and find that rare small object that others had overlooked. We experienced this as young teenage dealers: Jerry’s first purchase from Jonathan was a Victorian wirework child’s chair; Ron’s first experience with Jerry was at the Kent Show, where another dealer pointed Jerry out and commented “He’s tough, but he’ll buy from you because you have what he wants,” which is what happened. When Jerry and Selma married, it was the start of a long professional relationship and a deep personal friendship for all of us.

Selma has that same eye and gift for finding the rare and unique. After her marriage, she chose to focus on metalware and pottery, with a real passion for Mochaware. Selma, like Jerry, was generous with her knowledge. She became one of the great dealers in her chosen areas and in 1998, made the courageous decision to continue with the business until a fall at a show prevented her from moving at normal “Selma” speed.

It seems as if Selma and Jerry have always lived in their home on Ross Hill Road, so Selma’s move south is truly bittersweet. The bitter part- for those of us who have always known where to go to find something wonderful and get a fabulous lunch, a perfectly done hotdog and slice of apple pie- is that the end of a great era has come. The sweet part of this is that Selma is being loved and cared for by her incredibly supportive family.

This catalog features the personal collections of the Blums, which have always been fondly referred to as the “House Collection.” It is, quite simply, the contents of their home- their personal treasures. The great majority was collected before 1965 and as such, is likely one of the last important collections of Americana put together over 50 years ago, to come to auction.

And now the Blums are sharing their passions with us once again, giving us an opportunity to own those objects that they held most dear; those rare finds that they treasured. To Jerry if he were alive- thank you, and to Selma; your presence and friendship shall be missed very much.

Jonathan & Paige Trace, Ron Bourgeault



The Treadwell Mansion
93 Pleasant St. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 12:00 noon


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