The Jill & Mickey Baten Collection of Important American Furniture

Saturday, August 15 at 12:00 noon


A choice private collection in metropolitan New York, with a diverse group of well chosen, superlative examples

-HAROLD SACK, describing the Baten collection in 1989 

Although they have collected some of the finest Americana for over four decades, Jill and Mickey Baten never sought the limelight. For them, furniture and art collecting was always a personal and very private passion. Quietly, and usually behind the scenes, they earned a well-deserved reputation as preeminent connoisseurs of American furniture by the top dealers and museum curators of that era. Having worked closely with the Sack, Liverant, and Levy firms, just to name a few, they developed close friendships with these legendary antiquarians. Theirs was a uniquely fluid collection in which, over many years, some of the most superb pieces became part of their collection. Depending on the limitations of space, or the desire to acquire another treasured item, sometimes pieces were traded by them, frequently among these same dealers. A highly refined level of taste always showed in the scope and quality of their remarkable and evolving collection.

My friendship with the Batens began in 1981, while discussing an exceptional set of Windsor chairs that I had for sale in my booth at the Fall Hartford Antiques Show. This led to an invitation to visit their home. It became immediately apparent to me that Jill and Mickey Baten were kindred spirits, and two of the most passionate collectors that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Together they had assembled a collection that was then totally unique in my experience; comprised of exquisite early American furniture juxtaposed with cutting edge American folk art, both of which they viewed as art forms. While this combination and approach may not be considered radical today, it was virtually unheard of when the Batens began collecting in the early 1970s. On their personal quest for objects that embodied the beauty and sprit of American design, Jill and Mickey Baten put together a collection with love and passion, enthusiasm, adventure, scholarship and dedication, but most importantly, they were blessed with a terrific advantage: an artistic, intuitive and independent eye.

David A. Schorsch
Woodbury, Connecticut
May, 2015



The Treadwell Mansion
93 Pleasant St. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 12:00 noon


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